Complete, 2004
Running Time: 19:15
Format: 24p
Genre: Synthesis of Arts, Avant-Garde/Experimental, Short
Awards: Best Original Score, WESTFest, Abilene, Texas

Every Friday Mr. Ashburn, the undertaker, goes to the local bar to celebrate the end of the week. A lonely man, he meets there lonely habituйs who sit silently at their tables, immersed in their dreams. Late at night when the darkness seizes the town they leave the bar. But wherever they go loneliness is their best companion.

The story is based on V. Ulea’s poem LONELINESS in which she explores the basic cause for people’s isolation and alienation from each other. The film is dedicated to the theme of loneliness that becomes the universal estrangement of those who are prisoners of their self-centered nature.

Loneliness. Fragment. Music by Vad Chariton